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Nicole’s 50th

You never know who you will meet. You never know how one thing can effect so many other things.

Two years ago, I was in a Hershey’s Kisses commercial and met some lovely people while on set. But of all of the individuals there, I had really connected with the wardrobe person. She was just a fun, light spirit and I really enjoyed being around her. Sharon and I stayed in touch long after the commercial and it has been so fun to see her journey since then. Social media is the best when it works appropriately :).

Much to my surprise, I heard from Shay a few months ago when she called and if I would be interested in photographing a birthday party for one of her closest friends. It ended up being an awesome experience and I ended up meeting more of the birthday celebrant’s other best friends.

In the midst of deep summer break celebrating with my kiddos, I received a call from one of the friends.


“Hi! Yes!”

” Hi! This is Nicole! I met you at Eden’s party? Listen, I am having a 50th birthday and I could go with the party planner’s rec but he’s a dude. (It’s relevant since it is a female majority Then I remembered that sweet girl from Eden’s party…so, I called her and got your info. Are you available?”

She had planned on a small gathering at an intimate location. There would be spiritual meditation, a sound bath, a private dinner and a singer who was guiding the musical vibration in sync with the dinner. Everyone would be there in celebration of Nicole and the incredible life she has been living. I loved that she was honoring her spirituality and her soul and it was absolutely incredible to see the light shining throughout all of the women in attendance. As I listened to each one of their endearing tributes, It was clear Nicole had touched each one of them. Treasured memories as friends and soul sisters flooded the circle and the love was positively overflowing for Nicole.

With a spectacular view of the Getty museum in the distance and cleansing mantras in present, it was Heaven on earth as Nicole brought in her 50th year. Happy Birthday, lovely!

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