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Andriana and Aaron

This last weekend I was able to document the beautiful story of that was a long time coming. I had met Andriana years ago photographing her best friend’s family photos. Unbeknownst to me, she told herself that one day she wanted me to be the one to do the same for her. I was honored and so touched when we sat down to coffee to talk about her journey.

Andriana and Aaron were High School sweethearts who found that life had taken them on separate directions. After traveling and children, a marriage that needed to go in a different direction and lots of life changes, it would be years later that they would come back to find one another and finally write the story they wanted.

There were plans for a totally different venue that didn’t happen. We had planned for a first touch and a vow reading that fell through after the groom ran into traffic and ran into the building in the nick of time. We talked about heading to another location for bridal portraits but due to timing, it didn’t work either. What was the lesson in ALL of it?

Things will never go as planned, but they will go the way they’re meant to go. The ones who are supposed to be there, will be. What’s meant to be, will be and sometimes 20 plus years later, you get to marry your high school love.

How lucky are we to live this life. Congrats to the newly weds and sweetest couple!

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