First look OR First Touch?

February 17, 2024

Let’s be honest….the idea of a first look before the wedding when I got married was *cue scary music* NOT what you do. It would have been bad luck. Bad luck for the wedding….which meant bad luck for your marriage…which meant complete and total doom. That’s what I thought, anyway. Well….now things are a little […]

Not entirely sure if this leads to a blog yet :)

San Pedro Engagement Shoot with Taylor and Alex

February 2, 2023

A gorgeous Sunday afternoon that was FULL of adventure and one of the most noteworthy shoots. I’d never photographed an engagement shoot in San Pedro before. My husband had taken me a few months prior and it was absolutely beautiful. There were tidepools and hermit crabs as far as the eye could see and I […]

Not entirely sure if this leads to a blog yet :)

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