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First look OR First Touch?

Let’s be honest….the idea of a first look before the wedding when I got married was

*cue scary music*

NOT what you do.

It would have been bad luck. Bad luck for the wedding….which meant bad luck for your marriage…which meant complete and total doom.

That’s what I thought, anyway.

Well….now things are a little different. Couples ARE doing first looks…and let me tell you. It’s one of my favorite things. There is nothing quite as special as an intimate moment before the storm of “Go here (s)” “Can we get a picture with you?” “We need you to come this way (s)!” And so on.

The day is busy. Damn busy.

And it goes fast….like really fast. (Which another reason why I suggest an intimate wedding or an elopement…but that’s another blog all together. I digress).

Here’s why I think you should ABSOLUTELY do one or the other and some of my thoughts on the topic.

  1. Whether it’s a first look or a first touch, it gives you both a minute to breathe. You can be together, simply re-center and remember of why you are there in the first place-each other. Some of my favorite photos are a first look or a first touch. The moment is raw, real and ALWAYS beautiful because your true selves come out. Sometimes that can be laughter, sometimes it’s happy tears, but it’s mostly pure, unadulterated joy.

2. Nerves sneak up. I always suggest writing something special to one another so it’s right there and ready to go. Close up on the notes or the tears make for beautiful story telling detail shots that I love adding to your album.

3. By taking this quiet moment together (and me from far away if you’d like) you can also share something that you might not want to in front of your guests. I’ll leave that up to you and your imagination. lol.

4. You can HYPE each other up before the ceremony. Maybe one of you is more quiet than the other….seeing your more extroverted half can get you stoked before you walk that aisle and calm those nerves. Conversely, maybe you need the calm of your partner to help settle your wacky and wild thoughts.

5. Not into the first look? That’s ok! I always suggest a first touch. You get everything listed above and you still can keep the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding.

(And if anything….a first look with a parent is ALWAYS a tearjerker. ).

*Special mention goes to a first look with your wedding party that you’re not getting ready with/or with your side of wedding party.*

Whatever you decide, it will be incredibly special and one for the album…I guarantee! I’ll also be there to help guide you as you are going through the day and promise to take you step by step.

What do you think you’ll do?

Happy deciding!!

  1. Alinah Gimenez. says:

    Our first touch meant so much to us! Emmy was a bag of just nerves and I was as well. The second I heard her, it went away. Sharing our notes and getting some of the tears out initially helped a ton as well!!! One of my favorite moments from the day was just the two of us collecting ourselves before the big moment. I also really enjoyed the first look with my girls. I sob at all our photos constantly 😭😭

    • Emily Van Gorder-Pantig says:

      It helped to settle the nerves and center on the moment that was so precious the storm’s center :). It was a joy to witness it!

  2. Kellyn Warne says:

    I am absolutely in love with this idea and can’t wait to experience all of the emotions during our first look💜

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