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Backyards and Big Trees

So…you’re a non traditional couple interested in a non traditional wedding?

You don’t want to go the golf course route.


Not to yuck over anyone else’s yum…believe me. I had MY own wedding reception at a country club that was joined with a golf course. I know, I know. I sound like a hypocrite.

(Listen… I got married almost 16 years ago and had I to do all over again, I would do things very different.)

Maybe you’re thinking that’s definitely not the route for you either. Again, you’ve come to the right place. It was during the Pandemic that I really took notice of all other other amazing options that were not traditional and I would have never even considered.

Why not a backyard wedding? And before you you’re like..”Um…what?” Just because it’s a backyard doesn’t mean you’re also picturing George Banks BBQing with a chef hat.

Annie had it right in “Father of the Bride.”

Backyard CAN equate to luxury and stunning vibes.

Top Reasons for backyard wedding!

*EVERYTHING is located at the venue. From getting ready to ceremony and reception. You, your guests, your vendors are all in the same spot. No driving from place to place. No worrying about whether or not you’re getting somewhere on time. No inability to find someone. Again…everything and everyone is where you are.

*Variety in locations. What’s your size and budget? There are so many different accommodations that will fit everything. So… what is your vibe? Looking for a dessert background? A cabin in the woods? A house overlooking the ocean? Head over to sites such as Vrbo/Airbnb/Vacasa. There are places literally everywhere to choose.

*It’s intimate. And that’s the MAIN thing your partner and you are looking to achieve.

Still not sure? Here’s a few examples below of how luxurious and lovely your backyard wedding can be!

This location was in a private estate in Bel Air that overlooked the Getty and the backyard was clear enough to see all the way to the ocean. There were approximately 50 guests, live musicians, catered artistry that was cooked in the kitchen of the home, and an open bar. It was absolutely intimate and perfect.

This home in Nelly Gale, a sub division of Laguna Hills in Southern California looked like a Pottery Barn ad. There was tons of natural light and beautiful details at every corner. The resourceful planning included everything from chairs over the closed pool for their guests to sit during the ceremony to different sized rounds for the guests to sit at during dinner. The bride got ready upstairs with her bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen got ready in the pool house in the backyard. They flew in their caterer from Northern California and hired a local florist. Within the neighborhood there were beautiful parks we walked a few feet away from the home to take bridal portraits. We were also only minutes away from the beaches of Laguna.

My cousin and his wife wanted something very small for their intimate day. There were a total of 13 guests and the couple themselves. My other cousin became ordained, and led a short ceremony that was literally in the middle of the forest. Everything took place at the home and then later in the day, we went to a beautiful little restaurant in downtown Eugene and had dinner. You can’t do better than that.

So maybe you’re thinking…”I TOTALLY know someone with an incredible house.” Maybe your childhood home is your dream come true? Perhaps your grandparents have a sweet setup in the middle of Yosemite? I’ve seen couples do it over and over again and it’s perfect..every. single. time.

Where are you planning your 2024 or 2025 wedding? I’d love to hear about it!!

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