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San Pedro Engagement Shoot with Taylor and Alex

A gorgeous Sunday afternoon that was FULL of adventure and one of the most noteworthy shoots.

I’d never photographed an engagement shoot in San Pedro before. My husband had taken me a few months prior and it was absolutely beautiful. There were tidepools and hermit crabs as far as the eye could see and I loved the textures that the rocks provided as a background.

When my sweet couple said they wanted a beach shoot…I thought “THIS is perfect!” I suggested the location and we met at the Korean Friendship bell. After a gorgeous hike down to the shoreline, a beautiful time with their frenchie, Jackson (which, ps. my middle kid is OBSESSED with French Bulldogs so she could not have been more thrilled to watch their dog when he wasn’t shooting) and a wildly successful shoot, we began our way back up the hill. I had to use the restroom. My middle had to use the restroom. Everyone was hungry. You know. The usual.

(Cue Random lady crawling the park)

“The gate is locked”.


“After Sunset, the park rangers come by and lock the gate. Oh…and they ticket you if you are in the lot”.

Was my van still in said parking lot? Yes. Yes, it was. Was this gate locked? In fact, yes. It was. Was the bathroom also no longer open? Check.


BUT….Did I happen to luck out with the kindest couple who drove back and took me and my girls home while listening to my children blare “Hamilton” as my husband waited with the van for the police to come? Yes.

The moral of the story….San Pedro needs to update their signs that say that in addition to their parks being “open until 10:30….they also happen to close their gates WAY before then…..(or else we’re gonna GET YOU, SUCKA”. 🙂

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