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Taylor and Alex

These two.

You know when you just feel like you’re the absolute luckiest and everything falls into place?

That’s Taylor and Alex.

Truly, I am without words when it comes to how much I appreciate them. From our initial contact, I was HOLDING my breath they would book me. Their wedding…would be abroad.

“Are you willing to travel to Mexico?”(Am I WILLING to travel to a different country? HECK yes). CHECK

“We want to have a smaller wedding with only our closest family and friends.” (Intimate wedding with room for ultimate creativity…YES). CHECK

“We are looking for an inclusive photographer who is comfortable working with LGBTQ couples as well as someone who can help a couple who is not super comfortable being in front of the camera…..Oh and we’re mixed raced couple too.” (An opportunity to work with a couple who deserves for their love to be seen and validated and needs to feel extra comfortable?) Triple CHECK

As an individual who was really working on honing in on just what I want to be doing with my photography…Clearly, these boxes were exactly what I was hoping for in a couple.

I seriously hit the jackpot with these two ladies. Their love taught me new things which helped me to appreciate my own and I managed to make two, new wonderful friends in the meantime. They don’t know it but I am already planning a couples vacation soon. lol.

Thank you for trusting me, Alex and Taylor. Thank you for flying me halfway around the world to enjoy an amazing adventure and allowing me into your world. I love you, both!

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Makeup and Hair

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  1. Daniel Van Gorder says:

    Beautiful, as always. The energy of this gorgeous couple was captured in each photo. You’ve got the eye, Emily.

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